Welcome to Neon Galahad Games!

Welcome to Neon Galahad Games! We are an indie developer based in Australia, have always loved playing games and now love to make them for others to enjoy. Be sure to check out the latest Space Captain Howard update! Available on Android and iOS.

We really would like to thank everyone that has supported us, and thanks again for all the great suggestions and feedback – almost all of it has been rolled into this update. We’ll continue to make more awesome games. Be sure to check out the Tips section for Space Captain Howard!

Space Captain Howard



Space Captain Howard 1.1 Update Notes

  • Hidden easter eggs and two secret levels to unlock!
  • Score can be viewed from main menu – no more suicides to show the score
  • Added temporary invincibility when you are hit – no more instant wipe outs
  • Tougher enemies and debris will flash red when low on health
  • Homing bombs now damage enemy ships on contact
  • Added Auto-Play feature which can be toggled on or off
  • Added cool score ranks
  • Sleeker interface for gameplay
  • Turbo Mode for more faster paced action – it is hard!
  • Optimised performance further
  • Many new enemies added
  • Health Carrier spawns after two minutes – drops health!
  • Improved and better balanced weapons with more evolutions
  • Boss Time Window – bosses are tougher and only weaker enemies spawn during window
  • Removed multi-touch to prevent accidental teleportation
  • Troyo-M2 level added – the homeworld of the Murgatroyd Empire
  • Better balanced weapon systems
  • Fixed several bugs and many more things


What are we working on currently?

Before development on Space Captain Howard began, we were working on a side scrolling beat em up. Since this patch is out, we are continuing development with the old school style game. It still requires several months to complete. Overall graphics are progressing well, intending to add a blog with some previews. With full time work it can be challenging to find enough time and energy to write technical blogs. The beat em up is being developed in Cocos2D-X, so the game will be available for Android and iOS.


Be sure to check our other stuff!


In the not so distant future a celestial comet collides into planet Earth. Far from your typical comet, the impact had devastating effects on humanity – transforming many into mutants!

Well for some people, it may be considered an improvement! Nonetheless, civilisation was overwhelmed and eventually destroyed. Many years passed and our story begins with the kidnapping of Ruby, your sweetheart. As the heroic teenage warrior, it is your duty to rescue her!

Are you ready to explore the post-apocalyptic lands and battle grotesque creatures to save the girl? Hey, who wouldn’t risk their life and sanity…!? So go ahead and treat yourself to Bio Sword Saga and have a blast!

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Bio Sword Saga $0.99

Our first game! It is like an old school RPG but with challenging, brain melting combat – especially on the harder levels! Learn more…



Bio Sword Saga Lite – Free!

This free version comes with the first map and introduces the characters and plot. Try out Basic Mode first!



Magic Six Ball – Free!

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Magic Six Bones Lite – Free!

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Magic Six Bones

Are you prepared for even more crazy fortune telling? Look no further than the full version of Bones! Comes with twelve bones and additional wisdom from the beyond!


If you are also interested in making your own apps or games for Android, be sure to check out our Developer Section. There are many links that will help provide you with materials, free software among other things. Thanks for visiting our site, we will try our best to continue growing and making new games!