Bio Sword Saga Update 1.4 Out

Bio Sword Saga Update 1.4


We are pleased to announce Bio Sword Saga Update 1.4! With this update the game continues to improve especially in terms of combat where you can now choose what attacks to upgrade – for better or worse! Most of the visuals haveĀ been overhauled and now there are extra battles too!




So what’s in the update?



  • Extended maps
  • Additional story dialog
  • Tower Challenge mode
  • Upgrade your attacks
  • Improved graphics
  • Better stability
  • Available in Japanese language
  • Extra enemies
  • Cowardly Strike revamped

Well, some of the extra enemies are a bit more difficult but we expect you are up to the challenge! What happened to Cowardly Strike? Let’s just say that it is now a risky move because it can upsetĀ the monster and make them deliver seven or eight moves and extra damage!



Bio Sword Saga Update 1.4

Bio Sword Saga Update 1.4

Try it out now! Ooh, and check out our new Bio Sword Saga trailer!

Bio Sword Saga