Bio Sword Saga

WebDeuelIntroducing Bios Sword Saga, the totally adventuresome game of guts and glory!


As Deuel, you must journey far to crush the evil minions of Martinn to rescue the village chief’s daughter, Ruby. Cliche? Hell yes! Are you prepared to explore the post-apocalyptic lands, loot gold and spend it – who wouldn’t?


Be warned, the enemies vary from grotesque to just outright weird, not to mention that each has a secret to be unlocked.


All this mind blowing content takes place in 2097 NTE (New Tokyo Era), some time after a celestial comet collided into planet Earth – hey it could happen!


Needless to say the comet had curious properties and it transformed many into mutants. Look around you, there are probably a few of them if you are in public!


As Deuel you will embark on an old school journey across the lands starting from your home village of course! Instead of being banished though you represent the last hopes of the village chief!


During your adventure you will be accompanied by the lovely and trusty shopkeeper – Romina! And yeah you can bet your socks you buy upgrades and equipment!


You’ve read this far, why not grab the free version and test your wits against the best!


Can you beat the game and get the girl? Not many can! After all, this game relies mostly on your brain! Along with some reflexes and a dash of bravado!


Bio Sword Saga Lite
Bio Sword Saga Lite – Free!
Click the button to grab the free version of Bio Sword Saga! Try out Basic Mode first, and when you become accustomed to the zany combat then go for Original mode!


Bio Sword Saga
Bio Sword Saga $0.99
Click this button to purchase the full version of Bio Sword Saga! If you have played the demo, then you’ll be familiar with the combat. Beware, things start to get difficult on the later maps!


Be sure to check out the epic YouTube video!