Deck of Horrors

Deck of Horrors

We are proud to present the Deck of Horrors for Android! Ever collected cards when you were a kid? What fun it was to open the packet and add to your collection! Well, this app provides you with similar fun but it has a dark and grim atmosphere.


The Deck of Horrors features sixty cards each with a myriad of misfortunes, sayings and

tidings of ill omens. The Lite version features the first thirty cards, so that you can get a taste for it without sacrificing your sanity, which is overrated these days anyway!


Plunge yourself into the dark library where you must draw cards to complete the deck. Each card must have it’s toll paid in blood, even to the extent it weakens you to the brink of death. Each hour you will regain some vitality, making this an app to be enjoyed over time.

There are three messages that come with every card. Some will make you laugh, cringe or possibly leave you speechless! Either way we hope you enjoy this offering, just remember to keep your marbles together.