Well it has been some time since we have been active on this site. Not to worry, we have a new game coming out in the next week or two: Space Captain Howard! It will be a shoot em up like no other!

Moving on from Andengine has been interesting and rewarding. We have been looking at both Cocos2D-X and Unity to develop with – since these platforms will allow us to release our games on iOS and possibly Windows. Space Captain Howard was built on Unity, and we will write up some tutorials on Unity and share what we have learnt recently.

Additionally, we have a beat em up game in the works! It will be using Cocos 2D-X, and at this stage we have the player able to walk around and bash enemies. Basic AI, collisions and sounds are all working so far – we are looking at adding parallax scrolling backgrounds and a few more items. Right now we are looking at making a Youtube video for Space Captain Howard and the work involved in the release will steal a weekend or two. We will let you know when our new game is available – it is completely free too for the full version and will be our first iOS release! xD




Hello! We have just updated the Magic Six Ball with better graphics and extra phrases! The Magic Bones app has also received a new background image and a few stability fixes! While you are here why not check out the Deck of Horrors for Android! And cool but creepy movie trailer!


And if you haven’t already, come try out the Bio Sword Live Wallpaper on Android and relive the old days of RPGs!

Bio Sword Live Wallpaper










Bio Sword Saga Live Wallpaper 

This free wallpaper features the levels in the original game, and has multiple characters running the maps. The maps scale according to various phone resolutions, and can be scrolled across. In addition there are a few basic weather features. Try it out!


Deck of Horrors


Deck of Horrors

A dark, grungy combination inspired by the tarot. This application has a horror theme and allows the player to draw a few cards each day, each card possibly offering useful insights or even predictions of suffering. Each card was drawn by hand. The application took some months to complete, with improvements continually applied. There is a free version and a $0.99 version with all sixty cards. If you enjoy the free version, please consider supporting us and getting the full version!



Magic Six Ball for iOS 

We are proud to announce that Magic Six Ball is being developed for iOS! Being a very simple app this provides us a great opportunity and a gentle learning curve! The graphics are being reconstructed at a higher resolution for the iPhone 5 and the iPad. Additionally, the Android version will get a boost as well!




Moving onto Cocos2DX

The Andengine served us well for getting into development. Now we wish to develop for iOS and other platforms so that more people can enjoy our works! From Java to Objective C, this heralds a journey of learning differences in syntax – hopefully no where near as hard as learning Java from scratch!


Tentative Project Progress: Beat ‘Em Up

We are now beginning an ambitious project. Using Cocos2DX this game will be released for iOS, Android and possibly Windows. At this stage we have a prototype version running that is stable on iOS, we just need to nut out the content!



Thanks for staying tuned!

Neon Galahad Team