Magic Six Bones

Behold the magical bones, odds and ends!m6bones


Are you ready for more insane fortune telling? Have you always wanted to shake a fistful of bones and throw them to learn your fate? Or that of your foes? Or how your day will play out?

If your answer is mostly yes then look no further!

To use this app you must focus on your question, select five bones to represent and interpret various aspects of the answers you seek. Then you must shake and watch the bones tumble across the ground! We hope you enjoy this fortune telling app! For entertainment purposes only!











Unlike the Magic Six Ball app, these apps have significantly more sayings and we hope they prove to be fun to read. Remember that each bone portrays a unique aspect of your question or concern – choose them wisely!



Magic Six Bones Lite – Free!

Comes with eight different bones!




Magic Six Bones – $0.99

Comes with all twelve bones and full reading analysis!



Magic Six Bones is available only on Android phones for the time being, but if these apps prove to be popular enough they may be ported to iOS as we go. In time, it is likely we will deploy a patch to add a few more features and other improvements.