Magic Six Ball App

Behold the Magic Six Ball! m6icon

Fortified with the infinite power and wisdom of voodoo, snakes, bones and spirits! Well, digital ones at that!

To use this app be sure to first clear your mind. Then envision your question and entrust it to the magic six ball. If the time is right and you are considered worthy an answer will appear from the spirit world.



The future is in a constant state of flux, so Magic Six cannot always make accurate predictions.With many responses, the Magic Six Ball can be a worthy app to have and to consult!

Recently updated, there are now four magic seers that can answer your most demanding questions!



Venture through the help section in the app and you will find a page with their basic powers and expertise. Additionally, there are many more quotes and sayings to increase the variation to new depths!

For example, you might be stuck choosing between buying chocolate milk or an ice cream. Why suffer from stress caused by indecision when Magic Six can decide for you! And that is just the beginning of the potential you’ll find in this free app!

For entertainment purposes only!



Magic Six Ball – Free!



Magic Six is available only on Android phones at this stage but we are learning iOS and XCode. With some luck and mojo Magic Six could become our first iOS application! Of course we will write a few blogs up on the processes and the differences we found in developing for Android and iOS. Enjoy the app, and don’t be a stranger – check back from time to time!