Space Captain Howard Tips

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Hail all the space captains out there! If you want bigger scores and new tactics to consider then you have come to the right place.
Secondary Weapon System
You will notice a small white block that moves across the experience bar. When it reaches the
right hand side you will deploy your secondary weapon system, unique by weapon:

Green (Plasma): Missiles, deal good damage to single target. Upgrades include more missiles and capability for splash damage.
Purple (Laser): Phoenix Laser, a massive beam which disintegrates enemy bullets. Also deals moderate damage to enemies.
White (Photon): Nuclear Bomb, deals high area damage but has a longer cooldown. Try to time it’s use.

Early aggression is awarded with experience. After some time, experience will stop dropping from enemies so be sure to destroy as many as possible early on – you will become more powerful and survive longer. Also remember not to get too greedy!

Moving Around & Dodging
You have the entire screen to move around. When you are facing a swarm of enemies and bullets,
remember you always have the option to move to the front of the screen for a few moments. Avoiding enemies can be a useful tactic to survive. Remember to keep on eye on enemies capable of targetting you.

Prioritise Targets
It helps to learn the enemies, who will attack in particular ways. Some will fire with preset patterns, others will shoot randomly while others will target you. Destroy the enemies who can target you, and be cautious of the enemies which fire in random directions. Sometimes they are ineffective, other times they could fire in your path of escape.


Plasma Cannon


Your first weapon. The plasma cannon evolves and turns into a spread fire weapon, capable of dealing damage over a wide area. It is effective against multiple, weaker opponents from a distance. The secondary weapon is the missile, which procs the most frequently of all secondary weapon systems.

The missile packs a punch, and deals double damage against debris and asteroids. With the upgrade patch, the missiles also evolve and become more powerful. While the plasma cannon is lacking in focused firepower at a distance, the missiles must be timed and used on the tougher enemies.

This is the most effective weapon against mirrors and homing bombs with reflective shielding because it has the lowest chance to be reflected. Missiles cannot be reflected and will always hit on collision.


Laser Weapon


The laser can penetrate enemies and deal damage to others behind in a narrow field of fire. It is effective against multiple enemies in a single column. It is also useful when there are blocks or platforms on screen because you may still hit the enemies behind.

The Phoenix Laser helps with damage, but it’s main advantage is that it can clear out bullets – buying you time to damage enemies. With timing, you can annihilate enemies and bosses – especially the ones that target you. The laser is the most ineffective weapon against mirrors and reflective shielding because it has the highest chance to be reflected. Ignore mirrors if using this weapon.

In some situations this weapon provides the most damage per second – it all depends how many targets you can hit. However, there is a risk you can get pushed down or up because it is so focused.


Photon Cannon


This is a powerful weapon. With a lower rate of fire, the damage is consolidated into single powerfull hits. The waves are capable of hitting multiple enemies, and have a chance to cause an explosion dealing splash damage. Combined with the nuclear bomb it can wipe out many enemies.

The weakness of this weapon is the lower rate of fire. If many weaker enemies appear on screen, you will have to rely on the nuclear bomb to clean house. It is not very effective against mirrors, so be sure that there is an enemy behind the mirrors before attempting to destroy them since a reflected wave has a good chance to hit something else.



Health Kit


The patch has introduced the possibility to recover one hit point, providing you can survive to the two minute mark. This health kit is carried by a Health Carrier (grey and blue craft) which does shoot – but not often. If you are under fire, be careful trying to kill the Health Carrier at point blank range – the beacon of hope could well be your coffin.


Keep Calm
When there are homing bombs applying pressure to you, you still need to pay attention to the existing enemies and bullets on screen. Be wary of the enemies who can target you, and patiently swing the bomb around you (which can now damage enemy ships by the way). Time your secondary weapons to take out the homing bomb where possible. If all else fails, homing bombs will self-destruct (around thirty seconds).


Benefits for the Brain
– Tracking multiple, moving objects
– Timing and planning a safe path
– Finger and eye coordination
– Ability to remember certain enemies despite many distractions (homing bombs flying offscreen)
– Risk assessment and ability to prioritise under pressure
– Fun

Over time you will get better scores. Believe it or not, there is a lot happening on screen. Since the gameplay is subject to random generation you will never know what to expect. Most of the time you will get a nice balance of enemies, other times you could have three statue of liberty heads flying at you! But hey, that’s life!