Space Captain Howard Update


A big thank you to everyone who has supported us and purchased the game, we do hope you have fun playing it! There are plans for an update for Space Captain Howard. With such great feedback and so many possibilities to improve and add to the game, we are going to keep the core game play as is and focus on balancing out weapons, fixing bugs and adding easing the difficulty in subtle ways.

The most popularly complained about enemies are the homing bombs, especially the ones with reflective shielding in Solarus (the gold circle). Keep in mind that each weapon has a chance to reflect, with lasers being the worst offenders. The original weapon (plasma cannon and missiles) are the most effective against it, try to time your missiles to hit it! We will do a write up for some tips and tricks. We have noticed each person develops their own play style and assesses risks differently – sometimes it is worth watching your friends play and see what tactics they use – a goal of this update is to make all weapons for viable.

Well, what’s in the update?

– New Level with some new enemies and obstacles

– Turbo Mode: Accelerated difficulty for faster paced action!
– Difficulty Balancing: Subtle changes for bosses and late game challenges
– Other Fixes: Dedicated screen for the score accessible from menu, a few minor bug fixes
– Health Carrier will spawn after two minutes if destroyed it drops health!
– Temporary invulnerability when you are hit – prevents instant wipe outs in bad situations

Don’t get too excited about the health pick up though, as the game is based on RNG the situation when it spawns could be good or bad – it is a temptation no doubt! As with anything in this game, there are risks with targeting the less dangerous enemies even only for a few moments.

The update will take a few weekends to build, and another week or two to test and fix. But if we get it done sooner, we’ll release it sooner! Release date would be around mid-August. Work is progressing on the update. Once it’s all done we’ll list the details of the update. Thanks for staying tuned!