Space Captain Howard



Finally it is with great pleasure that we release Space Captain Howard to the world!


It is our first release for iOS too (coming soon once approved!) making it a doubly glorious release. This game is our first production using Unity and was created in a few months in a piecemeal fashion. Hours each night after work and weekends were spent, but with perseverence it led to this cool, quirky game.

Space Captain Howard is a tough, survival shoot em up. In the story, he is the last man alive after an alien empire destroys all civilisation. It is your duty to avenge mankind by destroying as many of the enemy as you can in a final, futile blaze of glory!

Once you die, humanity is lost! The spirit and meaning behind the game is to never give up and keep on battling, because with some luck you can turn the tide of fate!

Do your best and earn high scores, and compete against your friends or yourself to see how far you get. The game has an accelerating difficulty which makes it harder to survive over time. There are three weapons, each with a sub-weapon that discharges automatically on cooldown. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses, try them out and adapt your approach in each of the five levels!

Available now for Android, and coming soon for iOS and we may add an arcade section to our website and have the game featured here!

Also be sure to check out our Youtube trailer, we hope you enjoy!